Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 Month Stats

Beckett's check-up with Dr. Nassim yesterday afternoon was wonderful! 

Weight: 16.3 pounds (68th %)
Height: 25 1/2 inches (60 something %)
Head Circumference: I don't know the measurement but only 9th percentile.

So of course we talked about the head circumference. We have a follow-up MRI and appt. with Dr. Moriarty (neurosurgeon) on December 15. I am anxiously awaiting that appointment. Is the shunt not working properly? He certainly doesn't look like his head is too small, I don't think. Not really sure...we will just have to WAIT AND SEE. Why do those words come up SO often!?!?!?!
Beckett decided that the exam table would be a good place to roll from his back to belly. Silly boy! That was a first!!!!! PT is now twice per month instead of once a week. Our First Steps program is undergoing some changes and our therapist (she only has a few kiddos that she sees) will no longer work for them as of January. Dr. Nassim recommended a therapist that will be working with First Steps and we are already in contact with her. Thankful that is taken care of!

Switching him back to milk-based formula, and hoping the spitting up will ease up once more cereal and baby food is introduced. We shall see!

Three vaccines (2 injections, 1 oral) made for a very sleepy baby last night and still through the day today. Hoping he will be back to normal tomorrow. 

Back the beginning of January for Paisley's 3 year and Beckett's 6 month well child visits.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Video Time!

Paisley singing Johnny Cash "It Ain't Me Babe." Thanks for teaching our daughter this song, Rodney! Now every time we get in the car I hear, "I want Johnny Cash!" Oh my!

The next few are of Beckett laughing. You never know what will make him laugh, but we sure try everything to hear that wonderful sound!

Ignore the fact that Paisley cries at the end of this one (she was fine, just wasn't getting attention for a few moments). Beckett's laughs are better. ;)

AND...BECKETT ROLLED OVER TWICE LAST NIGHT! I don't have video of that yet, but it's coming soon!

Bath by Paisley

Bath time for Beckett the other night instantly resulted in Paisley doing the following...

1. Getting the soap.
2. Getting towel and washcloth.
3. Moving a chair from the dining room to the kitchen.
4. The second Beckett was in the water, the bathing began!

Must have been a relaxing bath!

Good night, precious boy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A trip to the playground

Call us horrible people, but we spent Saturday night (when we should have been home handing out candy) at the playground! We get very few trick-or-treaters and it wasn't worth it to spend the beautiful evening sitting at home waiting for a rare knock at the door.

Paisley had SO much fun and we were the only family there! Even better!!!!!

Thank you Hayswood Park for allowing us to make some great family memories!

Monday, November 1, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Halloween with our Dorothy and the Lion

Momma with her not-so-little-anymore baby girl!

Sleeping lions are the best!

Paisley with friends, Addie, Christopher the sock monkey (or as Paisley calls him "Fristiker"), Christian the monkey, and Kylie the cow.

A kiss from Ol' Mamaw with some scary teeth and a mask!

Pose with Nana and Pop and a hug for Pop!

Mamaw Jones, Aunt Ha-U, and Aunt Krista (sorry, no pic) came to see our little cutie pies at Trunk or Treat too!

The lion is awake! But soooooo ready to get the costume off!

Ahhhh, much better!

Happy Halloween!