Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evening With Us

I know, I know, another post from Meghan. Hard to believe huh? I have an off week from my Master's course this week, so I actually have a little bit of down time in the evenings. Of course there is still my 3rd graders all day, home to chill for a few minutes until... dinner, laundry, baths, bottles, dreaded bed time with Paisley crying, being wild, and refusing to go to sleep, then some TV time for Rodney and I. Ya know, the normal family evening stuff. Bath pictures haven't happened for a while, so I may have gotten a little carried away, but just wait...pretty adorable plus the fact I am clearly a little obsessed with picnik.

Paisley absolutely loves to help with Beckett's baths (which as you can tell happen on top of our stove--don't judge, we are careful!). She just really likes to play in the water after he is done. She really is a good help though and entertains Beckett ALL. THE. TIME!

Oh this cup is SO much fun!

That hair in the bottom right's quite wild! It looks so funny and long when it's wet.

Check out that gorgeous scar! It is hardly even visible. The "myelo skin" will always be there just like a birth mark...which is exactly what it is. When I look at this tiny scar I am instantly reminded of what it looked like right after he was born. That is one image I could do without in my head. However, I am so glad we have this picture to hopefully help another family.

Seriously mom? I'm ready to rock myself to sleep! (I am so not a joke teller)!!!

Smart Little Cookie

See for yourself... :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hanging With My AuntS

Rodney's sisters...Aunt Ha-U and Aunt Krista!

Hair pulling = SO MUCH FUN!!!

The rest of us were there too...

Mommy and Beckett Kisses...look at all that drool! Can you feel the wetness of those kisses?!?

Beckett loves us! All we hear these days...Mamamamamama. Dadadadadadada. The beginnings of bababababababa (bottle). A huge smile develops when we say the P sound at all (all for his Paisley). He is such a good-natured baby. Literally a smile almost all the time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I think they are funny and cute...

See how red his face is? Laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath. Paisley was pretending to eat that play piece of pizza. You never know what will make that boy laugh!

Wearing Beckett's hat. Such a goofball!

Yikes Daddy! Watch out for those teeth!

Daddy, Beckett, and Uncle Jordan in their zip sweaters...LOVE! Totally not planned, but they all wore them to church on the same day.

Poor Beckett. It is scary how many of the pictures I attempt to take of the two of them end up like this. He'll be fighting back very soon. He is already pulling hair and in a way Paisley deserves that pay back she will get soon enough. She can be fire and ice when that attitude starts. Oh my sweet, sweet three year old!!!

Seriously Meghan, take more pictures in the morning when your hair and makeup look at least somewhat decent. ha!

Dr. Crosier

Paisley could be a doctor someday...I won't complain!

Don't worry...Beckett's eye is just fine!

Save me mom, save me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Over the Years

As I think about Valentine's Day, of course I think about Rodney. 
Over the years (married for 4 1/2 years, together for 10) we have turned into us. 
We started dating during our junior year of high school.
Here is our journey through pictures...