Monday, July 25, 2011

July Weekend

Busy but fun weekend at the Crosier house this weekend!

On Friday Paisley, Beckett and I joined Leslie and Noah, and Mickey and Landon for some bouncy, jumpy, exhausting fun! Very few pictures because we were way to busy chasing and containing! We even ventured to McDonald's for lunch. Must do it again soon or maybe without kids sometime soon too!

Landon and Noah from the back.

Paisley and Landon

Friday night...Aladdin with Paisley. 

Saturday we went to look at a new vehicle. We absolutely were not planning on buying anything, just looking at our options. Wouldn't ya know...we fell in love! We drove it for the weekend and signed the papers tonight! LOVE our new van!

Sunday was Ol' Mamaw's 70th birthday! We went to the Galt House for brunch after church to celebrate.

Beckett's gigantic plate...full of food when he started eating. Completely empty when he was finished!

Sunday night we went to the Harrison County Fair Parade. Paisley loved it and collected lots of candy. Beckett screamed most of the time thanks to sirens and loud red-neck vehicles. Poor guy. He did like the horses at the very end. :)

Busy, busy, busy...wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweeeeeet Corn!

She demolished 2 entire ears of corn and really wanted more! She is her Pop's granddaughter, that's for sure!

Beckett tried some too! Pretty messy, but it sure was fun!

Fun with Uncle Jordan! Silly ones!

Friday, July 15, 2011

From the Backside

Beckett is working SO hard! The new "big boy shoes" are helping, but standing sure is tiring. After his 12 month checkup with the pediatrician...we have until 15 months to be much more comfortable with standing and hopefully walking, or we go see ortho. We are doing what we can!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Stand up for what you believe in!
Paisley has had the tune of the song...Standing, standing, standing on the Promises of God in her head for quite some time. I think this proves just what God and the power of prayer are capable of.

Beckett is really working on standing, working very hard during PT each week and at home while playing, but just really not loving it at all. This weekend it seems like something has kind of clicked. He is doing so much better and doesn't even cry and complain too much if he is distracted enough. Paisley does very well providing this distraction. ;)

Fortunately, we were always given very positive outlooks for Beckett's future and walking was in it from "diagnosis day." Our perinatologist felt confident from the first ultrasound that his defect was low enough AND then after his closure surgery we were told there was very little to no nerve damage...all pleasant things in the world of Spina Bifida. We know it is possible he may need supports of some sort, but right now there has been no mention of it. He is doing well and learning to stabilize his ankles and do a little repositioning on his own. For just turning one this week, I think we are doing just fine.

A few others from our holiday weekend...

The best they could do. :( They look cute though. Stinkers.

Praising God for miracles, an amazing healthcare system, and outstanding doctors.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

P-A-R-T-Y! Beckett is ONE!

Highlight pictures...

For the whole big album...
 Good morning birthday yogurt melts for the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Beckett boy!