Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hard to Catch

Since our Beckett boy is crawling EVERYWHERE now, he is becoming very difficult to capture. This week he has gone from crawling 3 or 4 "crawls" to get something to literally all over the house! He has also gone from 4 teeth (two top and two bottom)  to 6 TEETH (two more additions on the top)! Very little fussiness because of these new pearly whites, which we are very thankful for.

He has even made it into Paisley's room. She wasn't too sure about that...but it is forcing her to keep her room picked up much more. That makes us all happy! : )

This wild boy sure is keeping us on our toes...and it is SO AMAZING! 

Did I mention that he will be ONE in just a little over a month. So hard to believe!
Our little boy is turning into a little boy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving Forward

Beckett is crawling!!!!!
With purpose!
Several times!
Our 10 month old with Spina Bifida is crawling!!!

Paisley Does the Dentist

Paisley and I had a great day together yesterday.
We took Beckett to the sitter as normal and then got ready for the big appointment...first time to the dentist!

So excited that I let her wear her jammies and whatever shoes she wanted (Dorothy ones of course) to drop Beckett off. Silly.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

She sat so still and let them clean, count, and floss her teeth. No complaints, just quiet. Honestly, it was kinda nice for a change. ;) I was very impressed with whoever this big girl was with me!

Very proud of her sparkly white teeth!

Modeling with the Old Navy models. She loves those people.
We met Rodney for lunch which was a nice treat!

Ended the day with ice cream. 
Home for a nap then to get Beckett. Ahhh, great day!

Momma's Day

Could I be any more blessed!?!

Ready for the Mother-Daughter Banquet at our church Saturday night.

Kiddos in the jammies Sunday morning...present and cards for Mommy.
A Nook Color, which I am completely in LOVE with! I can now read magazines (without the pages being torn out of), books (without my place always being lost), and just enjoy my own little toy!

Brunch after and my kiddos
Paisley loves me --this much--!

My mom and I

Mom, Paisley, and I

My mom with her kids and grandkids.

Love this life of being a mommy!