Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Months Later...

Beckett is growing, growing, growing!

Paisley keeps telling him he will love Scout, and he kind of did today.

These days he is really starting to smile...which makes everyone around him SMILE!

Paisley wanted to sneak in on a picture. I think they are really looking a lot alike as Beckett is getting bigger. No, Paisley isn't wearing any clothes either, she had just stripped her nightgown off!

And then we got him dressed for the day in a super-cute polo.

And a photo shoot wouldn't be complete without a little whining

So Paisley got him his paci. Such a good big sister!

A video of his kicking legs and excited sounds. I was trying really hard to get him to smile, but it just wasn't happening at that moment, hence all of the goofy noises and high-pitched voice from me! I also didn't realize I couldn't rotate the video, darn!

So, I don't have updates medically at this point really. Friday was Beckett's first physical therapy appointment. This went very well! He was very alert and cooperative with Ellen, which made her job much easier. The only thing we are working on at this point is making sure he is looking equally in both directions. Because of the 14 days spent on his belly looking to the left, he prefers that side. This is, however, improving as we work to position him differently when sleeping and working with him during play time to look both directions. We are going to continue PT once a week for one hour. Once I return to work the end of September, Beckett will get therapy at the baby-sitters house. I am so thankful for the flexibility on both parts.

We go on Wednesday for a head CT and then to the neurosurgeon for a checkup. I am just ready for this appt. to be over with, so we will have some peace of mind.

On Friday, we will head to Dr. Nassim for Beckett's 2 month well check appointment. 

A big week of appointments for us! So thankful that this seems like a lot of things going on, when I am very aware with our diagnosis this is VERY minimal!

Updates on the appointments later in the week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few Scars

I have been amazed lately how great all of Beckett's surgery sites are looking. He has six incisions, and they all look wonderful. I haven't posted pictures of what the defect looked like before surgery, but feel the need to do that today. I feel I have been hiding this picture because, quite honestly it has hard to look at. However, before Beckett was born as I searched and searched blogs of other little ones with SB, I desperately wanted to know what we would be facing. I hope these pictures help others know a little of what they may expect.

Here IT is before surgery

And after as it healed for the next several days

Healing very nicely!

Beckett also had a temporary shunt (EVD) to drain CSF outside the body so they could monitor the amount and use that to make a decision about the necessity of the permanent shunt. 
Here are the 2 incisions from that.
Also healing very nicely

And then the shunt and the 2 head incisions and one belly

And now no scab and looking great!

We are so thankful for how well Beckett is doing. We go Sept. 1 for a head CT scan and visit with the neurosurgeon. I feel a little apprehensive for this appointment as I hope to get the reassurance from the medical standpoint that he is doing as wonderful as we see each day. A little prayer for continued good news and expectations would be appreciated. 

Here are some pictures from a little photo shoot Beckett and I had this morning.

We also begin physical therapy tomorrow morning. Our PT, Ellen, will come tomorrow to evaluate and do her first sessions with Beckett. He will receive these services once a week for one hour. We'll see what she thinks about his wild, kicking legs and feet! :)

Paisley's New Backpack

We ordered Paisley the cutest backpack made just for toddlers (says ages 3 and up, but fits her 2 1/2 year old body perfectly and will fit for a couple of years it looks like) about a week ago and we have been waiting not so patiently for its arrival. 
When we got home last night, it was waiting on our doorstep!
In love with this product! Zoo pack backpacks from Skiphop.
So she looks WAY too big, but oh so cute!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's a Singer!

Paisley life these days is a constant song. Every car ride is filled with one song after another coming from the back seat. Any book that has songs in it (nursery rhyme books) is her favorite right now. If we say something that makes her think of a song, she instantly belts it out.

Some of her favorites that she can sing perfectly (in true Paisley style :)...
ABC's (which you will hear below, she can sing the whole thing, be sure to listen carefully to the end!!!)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree (learned from Cullen whom we LOVE)
Say, Say Oh Playmate
The Wheels on the Bus (all 92 verses I feel like :)
Old MacDonald
Baa Baa Black Sheep
On Top of Spaghetti (we love the video on youtube and all the variations
If You're Happy and You Know It
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Jesus Loves Me
Happy Birthday
Hokey Pokey (Dinosaur version is great!)
There are soooooo many others, but these are the every day songs right now.


Baa Baa Black Sheep

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree
(teasing Mr. Crocodile, you can't catch me, along comes Mr. Crocodile as hungry as can be, SNAP)...thought this needed a little translation :)
AND Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Love that silly little girl!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Babies and Dancing in Mauckport

Gotta love a baby shower! 
Only a couple more weeks till the Crosier family welcomes sweet Ellie Peyton. 
Best of luck Sarah and Jordan!

After the party was over, the dancing and silliness could begin!

Can't you just hear the oooooo's and awwwww's!?!

It Begins with a Smile!

Beckett is really getting those eyes focusing and watching every move we make! I have been working and working this week to see a smile. Last weekend he smiled at me once. 
Then nothing all. week. long! happened and my camera was in my hand!!!! 


I cannot wait for these smiles to increase as more and more of his personality begins to surface. He is such a good baby and really only cries when he is hungry or just can't stand looking at us any longer without being in someone's arms. :) 

I can't believe Beckett will be EIGHT weeks old this week!
Growing up so fast and stealing our hearts more every day!

Italian food, Cake, and Puppies, OH MY!

What was Abbigail's request before leaving for college??...a night out with US!!!
What a sweet girl that AbbiUhl is! Paisley absolutely adores her.

We headed to Buca di Beppo for some yummy Italian food, an entire cake (for Abbigail's 19th birthday and an early celebration for my Momma's BIG one coming up next month), and lots of great conversations and singing by Paisley!

A night out requires some getting ready and pretty clothes.

What great company!
That girl LOVES Uncle Drew (Todd) and Aunt Ises (Lisa)

Mmmm cake!
Blow out the candles and cut the cake. We learned that Ashley is not that great at cutting cake!...who cares, it still tastes the same!

Paisley + Cake + Fork = One Happy Girl!

Don't worry, Beckett was with us too!

Aren't my parents so nicely coordinated!?!?

Paisley got to ride home with the Uhl's with a stop to see the PUPPIES!


And boy were they hungry!

So sweet!

Dearest Abbigail we wish you the best of luck as you begin at the University of Evansville!
AND Ashley too as you finish your LAST year at Purdue!
We had a fabulous evening with family!