Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Months

Thank goodness Beckett woke up in a good mood this morning. Paisley...not so much! 

Things got better later in the day!

We hope this tooth gets a partner soon...a little grumpiness.

Sitting is almost mastered. We still can't leave him alone on the floor, but we don't feel like our hands have to be 4 inches away at all times ready to catch. ha!

Since Beckett hates tummy time so much, we are trying to get him to be in the crawling position...can't hurt!

Love this silly boy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In the world of Spina Bifida we are considered lucky. I know this and I am aware of it every day. 

I have been aware of it since this day when we saw his toes wiggling on ultrasound.
We were ALL aware of it after he arrived.

I am aware of it when I read a blog post from a fellow SB momma and friend. I feel guilty posting our joys when so many of those friends are experiencing heartache and SO many uncertainties.

We've had our share of scares too. Like the shunt revision.

I am aware of it as Beckett meets milestones and does things a diagnosis of SB says that he may not.

Kicking those legs!

Sitting up right at 6 months.

Standing. I mean it is pretty amazing. Jumping in the Exersaucer too!

I am aware of it when we feed Beckett whatever (even if he doesn't love all of it) and so thankful for all bowel and bladder function that he seems to have at this point.

I am aware of it when we have a check-up and when asked if I have any concerns, I get to say NO.

I am also aware of where we could be. I would be okay with that too. If we were looking into equipment to help Beckett stand and then be mobile, that is what we would do.

I am aware of it every. single. day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowy Fun for Daddy and Paisley

The kids and I have enjoyed several snow days here in good ol' Southern Indiana. Rodney has reluctantly gone to work each of these days. I got a bad case of strep throat and an ear infection on Thursday, so Rodney had to stay home on Friday to care for Paisley and Beckett. Good thing we were off both Thursday and Friday because of more snow, or I would have had 2 sick days. Feeling much better now though!

Rodney and Paisley took advantage of the snow and headed out to play...

Paisley really wanted to build Frosty, but this snow was no good for that.

It made some great snow angels though!

Love those footprints.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The laughter

These days Paisley can just look at Beckett and he will start giggling. 
Tonight at supper was one of those times. 
She wasn't even trying to make him laugh. 
Beckett loves his sister so much!!!
Enjoy these silly kiddos!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FIRST tooth, STANDING, and other fun ones

Can't quite see the tooth in this picture, but trust me--from the feeling on my finger when he grabbed it and took it directly to his mouth--it's there!!!!

Who knew? We were in the check-out line at the grocery this evening and Beckett smiled at Rodney and he saw it. 
No fussiness. 
No crying and me worrying it was his shunt instead. 
Once again, blessed with a good baby.

On to some other pictures. These two kiddos are super silly and I'm starting to look really forward to the next few months as Beckett starts really playing with Paisley.



 Standing...his favorite thing! We won't dare complain about that! 
What an amazing sight to see...praise God!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

LOVE this life of ours!