Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowy Fun for Daddy and Paisley

The kids and I have enjoyed several snow days here in good ol' Southern Indiana. Rodney has reluctantly gone to work each of these days. I got a bad case of strep throat and an ear infection on Thursday, so Rodney had to stay home on Friday to care for Paisley and Beckett. Good thing we were off both Thursday and Friday because of more snow, or I would have had 2 sick days. Feeling much better now though!

Rodney and Paisley took advantage of the snow and headed out to play...

Paisley really wanted to build Frosty, but this snow was no good for that.

It made some great snow angels though!

Love those footprints.


Jill said...

Sooo cute!! I love the snow angels. Pictures of playing in the snow are so awesome, I just hate the actual playing part! ;) Hope you are all doing better!

The Harrell Family said...