Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In the world of Spina Bifida we are considered lucky. I know this and I am aware of it every day. 

I have been aware of it since this day when we saw his toes wiggling on ultrasound.
We were ALL aware of it after he arrived.

I am aware of it when I read a blog post from a fellow SB momma and friend. I feel guilty posting our joys when so many of those friends are experiencing heartache and SO many uncertainties.

We've had our share of scares too. Like the shunt revision.

I am aware of it as Beckett meets milestones and does things a diagnosis of SB says that he may not.

Kicking those legs!

Sitting up right at 6 months.

Standing. I mean it is pretty amazing. Jumping in the Exersaucer too!

I am aware of it when we feed Beckett whatever (even if he doesn't love all of it) and so thankful for all bowel and bladder function that he seems to have at this point.

I am aware of it when we have a check-up and when asked if I have any concerns, I get to say NO.

I am also aware of where we could be. I would be okay with that too. If we were looking into equipment to help Beckett stand and then be mobile, that is what we would do.

I am aware of it every. single. day.


Joanna said...

I am just overflowing with joy for you. You are right - you are SO blessed! As am I - and not only to have a little boy doing so well myself - but to be able to witness all the other children we have connected to - to be able to rejoice with them and encourage them no matter where we are along this road. I love hearing the good - I am edified by the difficult - I am uplifted by the overcoming of obstacles and my compassion grows with each battle they have to fight. We are blessed to be aware and not take anything for granted- and I'm blessed to know you. :)

Colleen said...

Yes, you're so blessed with that little guy! Can't wait to meet him!

And I just wanted to say that you should never feel bad for posting how well Beckett is doing, for several reasons:
1. It makes us all happy.
2. It gives expectant moms and others hope.
3. It shows people that there is a very broad spectrum of SB, and that he is on the "less affected" end that people usually don't hear about.
4. I'm pretty sure most of us at some point or another feel like the lucky ones!
5. You have been through your share, and you own this as much as anyone else.

Vesti said...

We ARE so fortunate! (I often feel VERY guily too...I have a cousin with SB with a much different situation!) I LOVE getting to see Beckett and all his progress. Such a blessing! I can't wait to see all that they will do!

Sara said...

LOVE hearing all the good updates! Those are my favorite :)

Amanda said...

Celebrate away!
I enjoy celebrating Beckett doing so well! Meeting all those milestones - doing so well!
Look at him with those adorable eyes.