Sunday, January 16, 2011

FIRST tooth, STANDING, and other fun ones

Can't quite see the tooth in this picture, but trust me--from the feeling on my finger when he grabbed it and took it directly to his mouth--it's there!!!!

Who knew? We were in the check-out line at the grocery this evening and Beckett smiled at Rodney and he saw it. 
No fussiness. 
No crying and me worrying it was his shunt instead. 
Once again, blessed with a good baby.

On to some other pictures. These two kiddos are super silly and I'm starting to look really forward to the next few months as Beckett starts really playing with Paisley.



 Standing...his favorite thing! We won't dare complain about that! 
What an amazing sight to see...praise God!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

LOVE this life of ours!


Joanna said...

WHOOO-HOOOO!!! Go Beckett! Standing is AWESOME so of course you have to accommodate him. ;) You have such beautiful little blessings. I was very ready for an update so YAY! ;)

krousehouse said...

That is amazing.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! Look at him standing!!! That's incredible! Way to go!

Jill said...

Look at that rockstar go!!! How amazing! He and Paisley are growing up so fast.

Chris and Melissa said...

So many good pictures!! And yay for Beckett standing up! That's wonderful. What a beautiful and sweet family!

Bobby Schaeffer said...

It's hard to see his first tooth, but I'm happy for you. It's kinda surprising that he didn't cry about it, and I have to agree that you're blessed with a good child.