Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uneventful Appointment = Happy Momma!

I went to see Dr. Dunn and Cindy (yes, they both saw me...guess I get the special treatment) this afternoon with my faithful doctor-going partner, my Momma. We talked for quite a while about seeing Dr. Moriarty and Dr. Pietrantoni since I had been to their office. It was nice to hear their thoughts as well. The baby is measuring perfectly and a good, strong heartbeat was heard. That sound NEVER gets old! 

I was a little nervous about getting on the scales today, because Paisley's Easter candy kept jumping into my mouth over the past couple of weeks. I guess I've been eating a little too much...up 7 pounds since last month!!!!!!!!!! That only puts me at +9 pounds, but that was a BIG increase. Guess I'll have to watch it a little.

Here are some pictures from this evening...

 Preggo Belly at 28 Weeks 2 Days

Paisley thinks it is hilarious to squeeze our face and give us GIANT kisses! We kinda love it too!!!!!

And a kiss for BabyBrother...love it!!!!

Keep praying for all of us and the nameless little BabyBoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Horse Riding with Colt

Paisley's first horse riding experience was Sunday evening. She was quite skeptic at first, but quickly became very interested. Colt was pretty excited to get her on a horse, as he has been waiting for this since the day she was born! Great evening with great friends!

She really wanted to make poor Sam move, but he was much more interested in eating the grass.

Pulling with all her might!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Difference a Month Makes!

 Email sent to Family and Friends

Another good update on Wednesday! We saw Dr. Pietrantoni (high risk--perinatologist) Wednesday afternoon for another detailed ultrasound and consultation. What a difference a month makes! We were able to be very focused throughout the ultrasound and for the most part be able to tell what we were looking at. We had a different ultrasound tech this time and when she was asking me some very general questions, I realized she did not know our BabyBoy has spina bifida. So…we didn’t tell her! She began the ultrasound, showed us the major body parts (including the entire spine), took some measurements, and then took a second measurement of his head. She very carefully asked if we were aware of anything wrong with the baby. Of course we are, just wanted to see if you would make the same diagnosis and find the same things they did a month ago! Not that we were trying to be rude, or really think there was going to be any change, it was just nice to have a fresh perspective. She was very thorough with the ultrasound and answered our million and one questions to the best of her ability.

What the ultrasound was able to confirm…

- They DO believe it is a meningocele (skin covered defect) and not a myelomeningocele (open defect). However, there could be nerves from the spinal cord in the lesion, but from what they can see in the ultrasound, this does not appear to be a major concern. We will not know for sure until he is born and has the surgery to repair the defect.

- The enlarged ventricles in the brain (ventriculomegaly, not yet hydrocephalus) have only slightly increased since our visit on March 9. Currently both are at 1.2 cm (12mm). 1.1 and 1.2 cm in March.

- The vertebrates all seem to be in place as they should be. In a more severe case of spina bifida, the vertebrates could be jumbled together or out of place and skewed in some way.

- Dr. P would rather not deliver him until 39 weeks (the beginning of July). When Paisley was born at 37 weeks weighing 7 lbs 2 oz, Dr. Dunn said I probably wouldn’t get to carry the next baby past 37 weeks. Also because of coordinating the schedules among the neurosurgeon, perinatologist, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Moriarty said delivery between 37 and 38 weeks would be a good idea. Going past that point, I could very easily go into labor on my own, and with having a scheduled c-section, it wouldn’t be so “scheduled” anymore! Dr. P will discuss waiting till 39 weeks with Dr. Moriarty and we’ll see what he says. Dr. P has a lot of new information regarding “full-term” pregnancy and brain and lung development. He feels the best thing is to keep this kiddo in my belly for as long as possible. As I have said before, that is just fine with me! He is safe now. He doesn’t have to have surgery. We don’t have to deal with whatever issues may come. I have had times when I just want him to be born so we can begin the process and learn all the details. But in all reality, I am perfectly happy with him where I can keep him safe!

- BabyBoy weighs 2.0 pounds. I am currently 26 weeks 2 days, and all of his measurements today put him at 26 weeks 1 day…right on track!

- Still working on a name… middle name will be Josiah (meaning: healed and protected by God). We might make a decision before he’s born! Ha!

- I see Dr. Dunn on April 20. I go back to Dr. Pietrantoni in on May 6. Until then, no news is good news!

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers. Just because we are receiving good news from our doctor’s appointments, does not mean we do not need your support…keep it coming!

Rodney, Meghan, and Paisley

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun!

Our Easter weekend was a busy one, but spent with LOTS of family and friends!

Started off with a trip to the Schnitzelbank in Jasper for the Friday night seafood buffet that they only have during Lent. Paisley was so excited to ride with Uncle Drew, Aunt Lisa, Ashley, Abbi, Nana, Pop, Momma, and Dada all in the same van! Great evening!
 Their coordinating outfits I promise were not planned!

Of course it rained from about 9:30-11:00...just enough to cause the egg hunt to be held inside at church this year. It all worked out perfectly though and was a great morning!

Paisley was SO excited that Christian and Autumn joined us for the Easter egg hunt at church too! Nana came to watch also. Great time!

Off to Kelly Elbert's bridal shower. It was a very nice shower and Paisley and I loved getting to spend some time with the Wininger family. Lots of babies there...Paisley seemed a little interested. ;)

Time to dye Easter eggs!!!! I boiled them earlier before the bridal shower so they were ready to go!

We grilled out for the first time this spring. Paisley and I were the helpers!

Paisley did surprisingly well with the egg dyeing process. I would not allow her to wear clothes, hence the Elmo panties and nothing else. :) She had so much fun seeing all the colors appear. We loved every second of it! The cups were a great distraction while we patiently waited for each batch of eggs to "get pretty." Knocking them over was way more fun than the great towers Dada built!

Nana and Pop came to deliver Paisley's Easter goodies from them. Some great new summer outfits, a movie, book, hopping/singing bunny, and some little lambs. 

Eggs are finished!


Paisley, Adam, and Ava

Paisley with Eli

Jordan and Michelle (Uncle and Bruff) came to our house after church to bring Paisley more Easter gifts! An adorable summer dress and "The Tickle Book" complete with tickle hands. She LOVES it!


Ethan was starting to get excited about finding those eggs!

Jake was soooo excited with his egg collection! Yes Jake, I think you were the winner!!!

Mom's brunch was wonderful of course, even with all 22 people there! Fabulous to have that many family members all together for Easter!

On to the Jones' for supper. Great ending to the day!

Snuggling with Uncle Kink (Lincoln) after a nice long bath, and almost ready for bed.

We are so very blessed to have all of our family living so close to us. I love this for Paisley and I know we will be even more thankful for this once our little boy joins our family. "Hoppy" Easter!