Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uneventful Appointment = Happy Momma!

I went to see Dr. Dunn and Cindy (yes, they both saw me...guess I get the special treatment) this afternoon with my faithful doctor-going partner, my Momma. We talked for quite a while about seeing Dr. Moriarty and Dr. Pietrantoni since I had been to their office. It was nice to hear their thoughts as well. The baby is measuring perfectly and a good, strong heartbeat was heard. That sound NEVER gets old! 

I was a little nervous about getting on the scales today, because Paisley's Easter candy kept jumping into my mouth over the past couple of weeks. I guess I've been eating a little too much...up 7 pounds since last month!!!!!!!!!! That only puts me at +9 pounds, but that was a BIG increase. Guess I'll have to watch it a little.

Here are some pictures from this evening...

 Preggo Belly at 28 Weeks 2 Days

Paisley thinks it is hilarious to squeeze our face and give us GIANT kisses! We kinda love it too!!!!!

And a kiss for BabyBrother...love it!!!!

Keep praying for all of us and the nameless little BabyBoy!

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Amanda Ott said...

Every night, we pray for "wittle baby crosier" love you guys! great news