Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some lost ones...

**Paisley said this morning as she was playing with some random items in the living room (I guess she was bored)... "I want baby brother to come out so he can play with me." So sweet! She said she wanted him to play with her blankets, cups (yes the plastic cups that distracted her while dying Easter eggs), and the dinosaur that she got in a Happy Meal a while ago. 
I hope her sweet feelings continue after he does actually arrive. :)

I was uploading some new pictures from this weekend, and found several other good ones that have been forgotten. Enjoy a glimpse into the life of our crazy little girl. 

Smelling the pretty flowers.

"Working" outside.

Always ready to help, especially with laundry and dishes...our least favorite tasks.

From sweet to CRAZY in a matter of seconds.

So sweet and smiley!

Helping momma make chocolate chip pancakes. Yummm!

Rodney's cousin, Kelly, got married on last night. It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a great time. Long drive, but we'll do it for family!

Mamaw and Papaw Jones with Paisley.

They even had a cotton candy machine and a whole room for kiddos to play. Big hit!!!

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