Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jordan's Graduation

My brother, Jordan graduated from Franklin College just south of Indianapolis on Saturday morning. We all went up on Friday evening for dinner at St. Elmo's in Indy to celebrate.


We had a wonderful dinner. Joey and Amanda also went with us. Amanda had arranged a babysitter for Adam, Ava, and Paisley. They had so much fun playing together. Paisley even ended up just spending the night at their house because she was already asleep (just barely, apparently playing with new toys seemed like a much better idea than going to sleep, thanks Rick and Ann!) and was coming back the next morning so she didn't have to sit through the graduation ceremony. We missed having Paisley with us, however, it was a very enjoyable weekend!!

His chair! We walked right past this before sitting down and I just had to snap the picture!

A very proud Mom and Dad with their graduate.

Mamaw and Jordan

Mom, Dad, Jordan, Michelle, Me, and Rodney

Very special day for Jordan. Glad we could celebrate with you!

After Jordan and Michelle drove off to a friend's wedding in Chicago, we had the rest of the day to do some shopping. Shopping for 2 children is quite different (and more expensive ;) than just one! We got many essentials at Buy Buy Baby and then went to the outlets. Great afternoon of shopping for Nana and Momma...we are pretty good at it!

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The Harrell Family said...

I thought for sure this blog was going to be about Jordan graduating from High School. Wow!!