Sunday, May 30, 2010


What a great lazy evening!

Paisley gave her babies a ride through the house.

We went to buy supplies to make s'mores. YUMMY!
Daddy built us a fire.

And Paisley waited patiently.

And then got to help Dada roast the marshmallows.

Daddy showed her how to eat a s'more.

But she really didn't like eating them on her own. Too messy for the princess ;)

She would rather have eaten just the ingredients separately. Whatever!

Momma roasted some too! That belly is getting bigger by the second I think!!! 34 weeks tomorrow!

Unfortunately just like Daddy when it comes to mosquito bites. :( 
One big on her arm and one by her eye. Goodness!

You know its been a good day in the life of a 2 year old when the day has required 3 pair of shoes, all of which she had to remove in the kitchen. Hilarious!

Looking forward to being home tomorrow for Memorial Day too! 
Then only 2 more "kid-days" of school left!!!! I think I can, I think I can!

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Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Oh my, that 1st pic is too stinkin cute! Looks like a fun day!