Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dr. P and a Great Ultrasound Picture

My momma and I went to see Dr. Pietrantoni this afternoon (all afternoon 2:15-5:30). After delivering 6 babies today, Dr. P ended his day with my appointment! 
Finally, this baby decided to give us a good face shot during the ultrasound.

Isn't he adorable?!?!? No worries about the forehead, it's just fluid making the picture look distorted. 

Updates... The fluid on his brain has increased some, but Dr. P says he is not alarmed at all. He does feel that he will need a shunt, as he is classifying the hydrocephalus now as moderate instead of mild. We will see if Dr. Moriarty agrees with this after he is born. 

The ultrasonographer (the one we had today was the one who diagnosed him with Spina Bifida, and yes she remembered) really got some great pictures and views of everything today. It is amazing how big he has gotten in the last month. Today when she would measure different body parts, we saw one part at a time, instead of several parts in one screen. 
BabyBoy is looking great and weighs approximately, are you sure you're ready for it??? 
5 pounds 3 ounces!!!!!

26 weeks: 2 pounds
30 weeks: 3 pounds 11 ounces
33 weeks: 5 pounds 3 ounces
He is a growing boy!

Appointment Schedule...weekly now!
Dr. Dunn -- June 4 (my first day of summer vacation)
Dr. P -- June 9 (after my all important haircut and highlight appt. :)
Dr. P -- June 16 (the day before our 4 year anniversary)
Dr. P -- June 23 (37 WEEKS!!)

We have a tentative 39 week c-section date scheduled for July 7, 2010. Lucky double 7's!!! We will just have to see how large this baby grows to be by that point. Dr. P wants to make sure he is able to tolerate being on the ventilator during and after surgery within 48 hours of being born. I hope he is ready to deliver a big one...and thank goodness for me, that it's a c-section!

Once again another good appointment. Keep those prayers coming!!

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