Monday, May 10, 2010

Please stay this way forever

So sweet this evening.

As we left WalMart this evening... "Bye WalMart, we yuv you! Uh-huh, we do, we yuv you whole bunches!" Seriously, where does this come from!!

Singing occurred the entire ride home. Mainly just vowels in different voices. Rodney was trying to get her to sing deep and high, but she doesn't quite have this mastered. It sure was funny to hear her try. I tried for a video on my camera, but it is too dark. Here's the cheesy picture to go with all that singing though.

We got home and she insisted to "help-y dada" carry in the groceries. Such a big helper all the time!

Love this little girl, soooo much! 
I cherish all of our silly times together as our little family of three, but cannot wait to add our precious little boy to the mix!

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