Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Difference a Month Makes!

 Email sent to Family and Friends

Another good update on Wednesday! We saw Dr. Pietrantoni (high risk--perinatologist) Wednesday afternoon for another detailed ultrasound and consultation. What a difference a month makes! We were able to be very focused throughout the ultrasound and for the most part be able to tell what we were looking at. We had a different ultrasound tech this time and when she was asking me some very general questions, I realized she did not know our BabyBoy has spina bifida. So…we didn’t tell her! She began the ultrasound, showed us the major body parts (including the entire spine), took some measurements, and then took a second measurement of his head. She very carefully asked if we were aware of anything wrong with the baby. Of course we are, just wanted to see if you would make the same diagnosis and find the same things they did a month ago! Not that we were trying to be rude, or really think there was going to be any change, it was just nice to have a fresh perspective. She was very thorough with the ultrasound and answered our million and one questions to the best of her ability.

What the ultrasound was able to confirm…

- They DO believe it is a meningocele (skin covered defect) and not a myelomeningocele (open defect). However, there could be nerves from the spinal cord in the lesion, but from what they can see in the ultrasound, this does not appear to be a major concern. We will not know for sure until he is born and has the surgery to repair the defect.

- The enlarged ventricles in the brain (ventriculomegaly, not yet hydrocephalus) have only slightly increased since our visit on March 9. Currently both are at 1.2 cm (12mm). 1.1 and 1.2 cm in March.

- The vertebrates all seem to be in place as they should be. In a more severe case of spina bifida, the vertebrates could be jumbled together or out of place and skewed in some way.

- Dr. P would rather not deliver him until 39 weeks (the beginning of July). When Paisley was born at 37 weeks weighing 7 lbs 2 oz, Dr. Dunn said I probably wouldn’t get to carry the next baby past 37 weeks. Also because of coordinating the schedules among the neurosurgeon, perinatologist, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Moriarty said delivery between 37 and 38 weeks would be a good idea. Going past that point, I could very easily go into labor on my own, and with having a scheduled c-section, it wouldn’t be so “scheduled” anymore! Dr. P will discuss waiting till 39 weeks with Dr. Moriarty and we’ll see what he says. Dr. P has a lot of new information regarding “full-term” pregnancy and brain and lung development. He feels the best thing is to keep this kiddo in my belly for as long as possible. As I have said before, that is just fine with me! He is safe now. He doesn’t have to have surgery. We don’t have to deal with whatever issues may come. I have had times when I just want him to be born so we can begin the process and learn all the details. But in all reality, I am perfectly happy with him where I can keep him safe!

- BabyBoy weighs 2.0 pounds. I am currently 26 weeks 2 days, and all of his measurements today put him at 26 weeks 1 day…right on track!

- Still working on a name… middle name will be Josiah (meaning: healed and protected by God). We might make a decision before he’s born! Ha!

- I see Dr. Dunn on April 20. I go back to Dr. Pietrantoni in on May 6. Until then, no news is good news!

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers. Just because we are receiving good news from our doctor’s appointments, does not mean we do not need your support…keep it coming!

Rodney, Meghan, and Paisley


Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

So happy to hear some good news! We will continue to pray!

Star and Erin said...

I am so happy to hear the good report! That's great! I also LOVE the middle name, especially knowing what it means. This little boy is so loved already! I can't wait to meet him. We will continue to pray for you all. Love ya!