Friday, June 11, 2010

Wigglin' Piggies

Oh the joys of Dr. P's 3d ultrasound capabilities. Although I do not enjoy all of these doctor's appointments, I do still love, love, love, getting to see our little boy so often! Dr. P appointment on Wednesday afternoon went well, with nothing major to report. 

We were soooooo excited to see his toes, even if they were on his forehead, WIGGLING!!!!!

Movement as low as toes is a very good thing!! His legs were also moving and he had the hiccups. I have never felt that rhythmic feeling before, so I think those were his first, captured on ultrasound! He was doing some "practice breathing" but it was difficult to see because of all the hiccuping going on. The fluid on his brain is increasing, but there is still lots of brain tissue, which is Dr. P's main concern. He didn't dwell at all on the size of the ventricles as he was measuring, but I did a little. When we started this "journey" the ventricles were measuring 1.1cm; this week we were at 2.3cm. That is quite an increase, but it is to be expected as his head is growing also. Dr. P said again that he does think a shunt will be necessary. I am still hopeful that the temporary shunt Dr. Moriarty plans to insert along with the closure surgery will be sufficient, and a permanent shunt will not be needed...we shall see.

I am now scheduled to see Dr. Pietrantoni every Wednesday until delivery day is fully decided upon. Next week at my appointment, they will do measurements and all the details. I am a little scared to find out how large he is; he will for sure be the biggest little one in the NICU!!!

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Vesti said...

Yay! Praise God! We also LOVE wiggling toes in our house! :) Still can't wait to see pictures...and Davis was by FAR the biggest baby in the NICU too! He was tiny, but HUGE when you looked around the room. Ha! Love all the updates!