Friday, June 18, 2010

Pool Girl!

Before Beckett's arrival, we are trying to get in as much time at the "Uhl Pool" as possible. With this heat, and now being the true 9 months pregnant, I really have no desire to be outside unless I am in a private (the sight of me in a swim suit with this giant belly is not the most pleasant sight :) pool.

My mom and I have been to the Uhl's swimming with Paisley several times since school has been out, and poor Rodney has been stuck at work hating every second of hearing me say we are getting ready to go swimming. Last night, Paisley and I went back to the pool for an evening swim with Daddy.

The evening in pictures, with some very strange faces from Paisley. For some reason, I think so that water isn't getting in her mouth, she makes LOTS of very unusual faces, and won't dare look at me for a picture or smile.

I LOVE it! She can not walk up the steps and get out of the pool anyway but like this. I hope she never learns to use that nice rail that is right beside her!!! :)

Sure do love that silly little girl. Have I said that lately!?!?!?

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