Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New "Beckett Arrival Date"

Rodney and I had another good visit today at Dr. P's office.

*We learned that he now weighs approximately 6 pounds 6 ounces.

*The fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus) has not increased dramatically. There is still plenty of "good brain tissue" surrounding the 2 ventricles (measuring at approx. 2.1 cm) of the brain which is the main concern at this point.

*They have moved my date up for the c-section. He will now be born on July 2nd! Apparently there was some conflict in scheduling the July 7th date. Dr. Moriarty is planning to be out of town that day...we for sure want the neurosurgeon present to check on our baby boy after he is born!! I will be calling their office on Thursday, because I am thinking they will go ahead and do the closure surgery that afternoon, since July 2nd is a Friday. I doubt they will schedule a surgery for a Saturday...we shall see.

*I will see Dr. P the next 2 Wednesdays and then BabyDay will be just 2 days away!!!!!

*I now have the task of making sure Paisley is well taken care of during a time when I will be just a little preoccupied. Many of you have shared with me that you are willing to have Paisley for a while during my time in the hospital and then the many, many hours Rodney and I, and our immediate family, will spend at the hospital with Beckett. For that generosity, I am so thankful.

The time until we meet our sweet Beckett is getting closer and closer. The room is almost ready. We have purchased the major items needed. Now to prepare our minds and hearts for all of the emotions we will experience during our time after he is born. If only we could "prepare"...I feel we have done our best. We are just ready to meet him!

Thank you so much for your many thoughts and prayers. Please continue!

Rodney, Meghan, and Paisley


Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Aww! I can't believe it is almost here! We will continue to pray for you all! If you need ANYTHING, just let us know! We are here for you! :)

Joanna and David said...

That is great news! I cannot tell you how much it feels like yesterday when I was YOU! I remember it so well that my eyes well up with tears every time I read about someone getting ready to meet their angel baby. It's such a strong feeling - a deep connection - and if your like me you will never, ever forget these last few weeks and the weeks following - the details may be a blur, and like all memories you'll mostly remember the good ones :)....but you'll never forget the feelings. You talk about preparing and I can SO relate to that - feeling like you can't possibly prepare - and in some ways you can't, but in most ways you already have. :) You are prepared subconsciously and that instinct will take over as soon as he is born and all the SB talk and hulabaloo that follows will seem normal. You'll be an expert before the month is out cause you'll have to explain it to people so many times! lol. I have to say I felt like I could sail away on a cloud once Jet was finally here - his back surgery didn't even worry me like I thought it would cause he was FINALLY HERE and I was so relieved to see him and know he was being taken care of. Little Beckett is going to be here soon! Beautiful and ready for life - I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet him.