Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dada's Day

We started the morning off with opening Rodney's presents.

Paisley really wanted to just do it all, but she "helped" for the most part.

Daddy got 3 new shirts, a new mailbox (desperately needed), and letters/numbers for it.

Off to church and then lunch at Doe Run Inn in Brandenburg. They have a beautiful area on a little creek that is perfect for some pictures. It was SO HOT, we didn't get nearly as many photos as I would've liked.

Paisley and Pop checking out the water.

Relaxing with her Pop.

My dad with Jordan and I.

Seeing how close Daddy will allow her to get to that water.

Just because it is an adorable picture!

Paisley and Beckett are so lucky to have such a great Daddy.
I can't wait to see Rodney with his little boy. 
What a special bond that is...Father and Son.
Although I don't think there is a little girl who loves 
her Daddy more than Paisley, except maybe ME!

SO BLESSED with wonderful men in our lives!

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