Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am...

As I woke up this morning, I felt oddly calm and at peace. 
I am very ready for tomorrow to finally be here.
I am not worried about the c-section (okay, maybe just a little nervous about the spinal). 
I am worried about Paisley, and her crazy schedule for the next couple of weeks. She is such a big girl and is soooo ready to spend time with lots of different family and friends, but I know Rodney and I will miss her terribly.
I am not scared for Beckett during his surgery that will happen on Thursday morning. It is just part of this whole process, and a necessary procedure that he must have. I know he will be in the best hands possible, and for this I am so thankful.
I am sad that we will not be able to all be together as our little family of four until Beckett is released from the hospital.
I am so blessed to feel all the prayers going up every minute of the day.

I am feeling so many emotions, but most of all, I JUST WANT TO MEET OUR LITTLE BOY!!!!


Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Aww! We are thinking and praying for you all! Love you!

Joanna and David said...

Praying for you guys right now! Hope everything went well and you met your little guy today! :) Can't wait to see pictures! Post us an update as soon as you can!!! :)