Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beckett Has Arrived!

Beckett Josiah Crosier
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
1:21 pm
8 pounds 7 ounces
20 inches long
HANDSOME as can be!

With 17 family members and friends waiting for him to be born, he had quite the audience while he made the trek from the OR with me, to the NICU across the pedway at Kosair.
He is absolutely precious and perfect in every way to Mommy and Daddy!
We feel so blessed!

He will have his surgery tomorrow at 2:00 pm (time change from 8:30 am) to close his lesion on his back. Rodney saw it briefly right after he was born, but they covered it very quickly. I am hoping to see it tomorrow before his surgery. Only someone from neuro may touch his back...they are VERY picky! The neonatologist who was with him in the delivery room estimates the entire lesion to be 4-5 cm in diameter, with the center which is just slightly open in the middle to be 3 cm. I went to see him for the first time around 6:30, and then again around 9:30 to tell him goodnight. He is so precious and seems very content on his belly, lookin' like a little froggy!

And now for the pictures of the day...

Me and my baby girl!

The little family of 3

Feeling good and SO READY!

On our way to the OR.

That's a fresh one!

Sorry for the butt/boy parts shot! He will not be happy about this someday!
My first viewing!

That is one proud Daddy!

Our little froggy!

Wrapped around Mommy and Daddy's fingers!

We love you, Beckett!

Keep the prayers coming in the next days and weeks. Send up a special prayer tomorrow afternoon as Dr. Moriarty and Dr. Chariker have a very precious baby boy to take good care of during surgery.
Off to bed for a tired Momma.


Whitney said...

WOW!!!! he is sooo beautiful!!!! lots of prayers coming your way today!! congrats!!

Chris and Melissa said...

He's so precious! And big! Bless your sweet heart- these pictures had me tearing up. You are a very strong mommy. Chris and I have both been thinking about you and your family these last couple days and are saying lots of prayers for a fast and successful surgery today. Keep the updates coming!

Shelly & Jason Davis said...

Prayers continue to be lifted up for little Beckett!! He looks so beautiful and healthy (love his chunkiness!!!). We will pray for the doctors this afternoon - for God to guide their minds and hands during surgery. You look great - so glad the delivery went smoothly for you.

Kiersten's Blog said...

He is soooo cute!!!!

Joanna and David said...

He is GORGEOUS! I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations - and Momma I can't believe you are sitting in that chair! You are super woman! Prayers for an easy surgery and recovery for little Beckett! Welcome to the world beautiful boy!

Vesti said...

He is precious!! And, you look great...MUCH better than I did that first day! :) Lots of prayers for you guys in the last few days. Can't wait to hear how the surgery went...for him and for you guys! We continue to pray!

Anonymous said...

Meghan ,
The Bickel family will be praying for your family, he is such a sweet little guy. I love the pic where he is smiling. He knows everyone is praying and he knows God loves him.
Gary, Michele,Allison, Shelby(Xavier) and Betty