Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess Who Is ONE Month Old!?!?!

You guessed it! Our Beckett is one month old today. We've had a busy day with several firsts that Beckett would like to tell you about. He's just a little guy, so we'll keep it pretty simple. 

I went to Mommy's school for the first time today.
Paisley was super excited to ride in the big stroller finally!
Mommy thought it was kind of hard to push.

We didn't stay too long, because I wasn't sleepy like Mommy thought I would be. I didn't let her get very much work done. It's a good thing she doesn't have to go to that place every day until then end of September. I like it much better when she is home with me and Paisley.

We went home, had lunch (I just had a bottle, although Paisley's yogurt looked pretty good), and then we all took a nice long 2 hour nap. I got to sleep on Mommy's chest...ahhhh, my favorite!

Paisley really likes giving me these things she calls kisses. Whatever, I can't tell her no!

I was very excited to see Daddy today when he got home from work. He fed me another bottle, but then I spit up all over his shirt. Sorry, Dad!

Mommy and Paisley put together my play mat tonight. I am pretty happy about this. It's so pretty and bright. I think I will like it better when I get just a little bigger though.

Hey! Who's that handsome fellow? The back of his hair is kinda silly looking! Apparently, neurosurgeons don't care too much about hairstyles. Who knew?!

This is what my back looks like these days. Mommy and Daddy think it looks really good. I guess it's fine. It doesn't hurt and I think my "myelo" skin looks pretty cool!

Paisley and I had so much fun playing with my new toy, that I fell asleep.

I started waking up a little and then Mommy took off all of my clothes and Daddy put water in this thing called a bathtub. It was so cold!!!!! Daddy washed me and gave me my first bath tonight, since I finally got my stitches out yesterday. Mommy and Paisley just watched and took pictures of me crying. 
I don't think that is very nice. :(

This is a picture of my shunt. It protects my brain and sends some extra fluid I have into my belly. I guess I better get used to it...they tell me I'm going to have it with me forever. It's not that big of a deal!

Mommy tried to get me dried off and warm, but man, was I cold!

Now that's more like it!

Mommy put this hat on my had, just because she finally can. We had to wait until my neurosurgeon said it was okay. It does keep my head pretty warm!

Paisley chose LOTS of books for Mommy to read to us tonight. I didn't last too long. 
All that bath stuff wore me out!!!

Good night!
I love you all! 


Nana and Pop said...

We love you, too, Beckett! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Happy One Month Birthday!! You are such a lucky little boy to have Paisley as your big sister. She has a lot to teach you as soon as you are ready!!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

First off, he is ADORABLE! Second, I can't believe he is a month old! And third, I must actually meet him soon!

***and I love that last pic! :)

Joanna and David said...

Oh my goodness what a doll! I love his little personality already! I can't believe it's been a month - he's doing so well I am just so thrilled for you guys! I can't get over that stroller!!!! lol. You'll get a work out pushin' that around! And those bath pictures are priceless - so funny - what good memories to share with him when he's older. :) He's gonna crack up! Love to you all!

Joanna and David said...

lol. Yes PLEASE come to Georgia! We'd have so much fun! :) When little Beckett is begging for a road trip you know where to come. :) And it'd be easy getting great pictures of your little ones cause they're so ADORABLE! Do you think you'll go to the SB conference next year in Ca?

Chris and Melissa said...

what sweet pictures! i love the sleepy ones. and miss paisley is obviously smitten with her baby brother. =)