Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 days old on 7-7...Gotta Be Lucky!

Beckett is officially one week old today! 
Seriously it has only been a week?!?! 
It seems to us like he's been around forever! 
... making the countless trips in and out of the NICU all day long. 
... watching monitors.
... scrubbing and using hand sanitizer.
... asking permission to see and visit my baby.
... texting with visitors in the waiting room.
... staring at sleeping baby for hours at a time.
... visiting the lactation room every 3 hours.
... counting every cc of milk the child drinks.
... hearing monitors and alarms constantly.
... learning to change diapers while he's on his stomach.
... getting updates constantly from doctors and nurses.
... sleeping at home without our baby.
... explaining to Paisley that "her Beckett" will be home soon.
... getting up in the middle of the night for "feedings" without a baby.
... watching and learning about the other families in the NICU.
... making phone calls to check on our baby.
... feeling very blessed for all of the answered prayers.

We changed his blankets today and someone had to hold him up, and that job went to Momma today!!!! I held him (wore the gown just to be safe and sterile) and mom changed out the blankets. The nurse was just there to hold cords and supervise. Very cool!!!

Nice, clean, new blankets...ahhh!

Lots of pictures today. Mom and I just hung out with him and took pictures all day. What else should you do with a baby as cute as this one!?!?!

Definitely a paci-aholic!!!!

I love the backwards diaper and "mudflap" just to make sure his back is kept completely clean. I had to capture it today so I don't ever forget that cute little tush! And notice the heels...lots and lots of sticks in those first few days of life. They are scabbed pretty deeply. Hoping they clear up soon. Oh, IV in his foot right now also and monitor on the other one. He's a mess!

Because he is just so stinkin' cute and we love, love, love all of his precious little baby noises.

Happy One Week Birthday, Beckett! We Love You!


Lisa O. said...

Such precious videos!! He is such a mover!! Love to hear those baby sounds:)

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Awwwwwwww!!!!! I love the videos!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

I still change Ciaran on her tummy when she is sleeping. I can even cath her that way. Crazy stuff we learn =)