Monday, July 19, 2010

Beckett is Coming HOME!

ON TUESDAY (saying tomorrow sounds much better though)!!!!!

Today is day 19 of our NICU stay, and I am very happy that today is the last full day and night Beckett will be staying there. We are very ready for him to be home with us where he belongs. Paisley is sooooo excited that "her Beckett" will be home with her. 

Yes that's Pop asleep with Beckett. :) Nana's wide awake though!

I honestly don't know what I would do without my Momma (and chauffeur)!

Snuggled up tight...I am a pretty good swaddler!

Bottle time with Daddy

Poor child, won't anyone cover him up so he will be nice and cozy to sleep!! ;)

On Sunday, Beckett got to move to a crib, instead of the teeny baby bed. He looks so big in it!

To Be Accomplished Before Going Home...
Hepatitis B Vaccine -- check
VCUG --to be done Monday
Hip Ultrasound -- to be done Monday
Renal Ultrasound -- to be done Monday
Circumcision -- to be done Monday
Parent Education
My list of questions answered

Then we are OUTTA that NICU!!!!!!
Please pray that all of the above goes well and we have no surprises of other issues that we aren't aware of yet.


Lisa O said...

Pop needs his rest too. Mom's are always glad to be there:) Can't wait to get home and see him out of the hospital!!

Vesti said...

YAY!!!Can't wait to see "homecoming" pictures!!

Jill said...

YAY!! So exciting!

Susan Haun said...

He looks So GREAT!!! May all go well at home too!