Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Happened to Paisley?!?!

Here she is!!!!

Paisley and I attempted a photo shoot on Monday morning. As you can see, that wasn't exactly a success!
She is such a goofball! The picture with her mouth wide open but showing those pretty baby blues, is the picture in Beckett's bed with him. We are trying to prepare him for the craziness he will be coming home to!!!

Being Mommy's helper by putting away the towel she had just thrown on the floor...she's rotten, I tell ya!
Relaxing with Daddy.

Story time with Momma.


Dr. Crosier at your service...if you are a baby doll! While I was pregnant she always wanted to play Dr. Dunn or Dr. P. She's done with all that now, and is content with doctoring her babies.

Not very good parenting skills. Guess the baby was being bad while she was trying to watch TV (PB to her).

Snuggling up with her pillow and blanket (that blanket was mine for my baby dolls when I was little).

Paisley thinks its hilarious to pretend like she is eating her toes. She will "pull them off", and then "eat" them herself or make Rodney and I. Seriously...the imagination is WILD!!!!

Ready for her Lily, Emmit, and Bloom. Bedtime is very close!

Up and ready for breakfast!

We are SO lucky that Paisley is so easy-going. She has been in a different house almost every day for the past 13 days, since Beckett's arrival. We have called her Goldilocks, because she is trying out all these different beds for napping. :) She has had very few melt-downs about just ready to be "home-uh" and has loved her vacation of going to all the different places. I can remember Jordan screaming and crying for hours when mom and dad would go out and we would be with a baby-sitter. Thank goodness Paisley loves to be with all these different people and is lovin' all the attention!! We have had all good reports from everyone!
We are very lucky to have wonderful family and friends to take such good care of our little princess!
Paisley is very, very ready to see "her Beckett" and for him to get out of the "hopistal!"

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