Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Last Few Pictures From the NICU

Probably my favorite picture of Mr. Beckett yet!!!

Close second

And the award for our favorite nurse goes to....Kimberly!!!! Couldn't ask for anyone better!

My last check-in at the NICU requesting permission to see my baby. Thank goodness!!

Some quality Daddy time before heading home.

A shot of the NICU set-up and Beckett's "home" for his first 20 days. Then getting dressed to go!!
Paisley waited patiently with Nana and Pop in the waiting room for "her Beckett" to come out! 
Thank goodness for the ice machine and little cups!

Loaded up in Mamaw Jones' (Rodney's mom) car since the Jeep is being worked on. Grrrr Bales!

On we traveled to HOME!!!
What an unbelievable feeling to be home as a family!

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Joanna and David said...

Oh my goodness! I love these posts! I'm playing catch-up still so it's all so exciting to read that he's home and see the adoable pics! I love them! Top 3 are Beckett with his eyes open, Paisley in her "big sister" shirt giving her biggest smile (lol) and the one of the 3 of you smiling - even Beckett is almost smiling! Too cute! And I love his little feeties! They look just like Jet's! :) So happy for you all to be home! Much love!