Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 8: The Many Faces of Beckett

New blankets again today...from home finally! I'm happy to use things out of his room! 
Of course they are beautifully coordinated. ;)

And I captured the sleeping smile!!!!!
Up close...

Then there's a face like silly!

Holding on to his new bear blanket from the Uhl's. I think he likes it!!!
Beckett also had some special visitors the past 2 days. Thanks for coming to check out our cutie pie, Lisa O., Donna, Cindy, and Lisa J! I know Nana was excited to show him off to you all!

We are looking at a very good possibility of a shunt tomorrow. We have had the EVD (temporary shunt draining the fluid outside his body) in for one week now, and judging from the amount of fluid that has come out, it looks like the shunt is necessary. They are doing a repeat CT scan in the morning just to make sure things haven't changed from the last one, and then they will make their final decision. It would be very nice if, miraculously, the CT shows that the shunt is not necessary, but we also are very blessed with everything that has happened so far on our journey.
Beckett can only have clear liquids (Pedialyte) after midnight tonight and then NOTHING after 5:00 am in the morning. He's going to be one fussy baby!!!
Say an extra prayer for Beckett tomorrow afternoon as this will be his second surgery and he will only be 9 days old. :(


Lisa O said...

Love the smile:) Beckett and Family will be in my prayers tonight and tomorrow. Hugs to all!!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, I just read all about your little Beckett and I'm in love with him!! Everything about him takes me back to Kingsley's time in the hospital like it was 5 minutes ago. It was such a whirl wind. I miss those baby sounds and the baby smells and the pure joy of getting to touch and kiss and just stare at my baby boy.

Good luck tomorrow, I'll be praying for your little man and for you. For some reason, I found the shunt surgery so much worse. For me that is! Not for him, he came through like he had just had a good nap.

I'm so excited to see where Beckett goes from here.

The Harrell Family said...

What a cutie pie!! Prayers are still coming your way. Good Luck tomorrow!!

krousehouse said...

He is oh so beautiful. Congrats on his arrival and prayers for his speedy recovery and trip home with you!