Friday, July 2, 2010

Feelings and Blessings

My comment this morning to another mom about her precious boy, Jet (

I can now imagine, now that Beckett is here, and I see his little recovering body laying in that bed last night, I can so FEEL now what you feel. Joanna, I have read and read your blog posts over the months since we found out Beckett had SB, but I haven't FELT those feelings that you feel. It is a completely different feeling than when Paisley was a newborn. I took for granted all of the little things that she did, because that's just what babies do. I have never felt what I felt when we saw Beckett up on his knees and kicking those legs/feet/toes right after delivery. I have also never felt ANYTHING like the pain Rodney and I felt yesterday when they took our baby boy from us to go into surgery. We knew it, expected it, wanted it, but I wasn't ready for those feelings we would feel. Thank you for helping us to learn, through your blog, what we would feel when Beckett arrived.

Reading what other parents have felt through their journey with a child with SB has helped us SO MUCH! When we first got the "diagnosis", the medical sites were just too much. We needed to know too much information that we just didn't have yet. Reading their stories from when they first "found out" was so comforting. Other parents had felt the same things we were feeling, heard the same information, felt the same pain, faced the same obstacles and uncertainties. And now felt the same joy to see that precious little miracle, felt the same, or not in some cases, amazement to see those legs/feet/toes kicking right after he was born, the same pain when your newborn child is taken from you to go into surgery, the same thankfulness when you hear the words from the neurosurgeon, "it went as well as it possibly could have", and the indescribable blessing when you feel the peace of seeing your baby doing well after surgery and back in his own little place in the world (the NICU is just his temporary home for now until he is home with us).

We feel so many blessings, that they are too many to express in words. The countless prayers from so many people, many we know, some we don't, are being answered.
Praise God...he is in Your hands!


Joanna and David said...

Beautiful post. I'm tearing up with the memories and the common bond we now share. I am so happy for you to finally have your little angel with you to see, hold, love and care for. What a blessing! Keep us posted on this handsome man! More pics!!! :)

Vesti said...

I am so happy to hear everything went well! Sending them off to surgery is the hardest part. I didn't want to, but knew it was best. And, PRAISE GOD for kicking!! We continue to pray!!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

You are not alone. Don't forget your online family when you are down, we are here for you. We love to celebrate with you also. Those tiny, little milestones are tremendous in our lives.