Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun with Family

Just kidding! That's not our family...just our cute little "monkey butt" baby, Beckett!!!!!!
I couldn't resist!

Mom, Paisley, and I visited Aunt Mary Lou (my grandad's sister) just a few days before Beckett arrived. She really enjoyed seeing Paisley. Now to get Beckett to see her sometime very soon!

Grams, Bob, Teresa, and Chuck came for a visit Friday evening. Paisley really enjoyed showing "Bobby" all of her toys and giving him all kinds of directions!!! Yummm to the peach pie and homemade blackberry ice cream we enjoyed last night, and some more today!!

My Uncle Bob, Aunt Sandy, and Jake came Friday evening also.

Paisley and Jake had SO much fun!

Play-Doh fun!

Jake showing off the tooth he lost! His first one!!!!

Nana and Pop came too!!! Busy night showing off a beautiful baby!

So many uses for a slinky!

Who knew laundry baskets could be soooo much fun!?!

A quick, awkward good-bye hug! 
Those cousins don't get to see each other nearly enough. 
Can't wait for the next visit!

Nana and Pop can't come without presents. :) Beckett got some cute new clothes, a hat, and his very own "Lily"...a dog (Skippit) blanket by Bunnies By the Bay. You know how we love our Lily Mae and Friends!!!! I'm glad Nana loves to shop!

Paisley thought Pop needed to take a nap with her blankets and friends. 
Hard to take a nap with a 2 1/2 year old sitting on your belly!

Rodney's Uncle Richard and Aunt Rena came for a quick visit on their way to the lake Saturday morning.
So blessed with the visits from family and friends this weekend. More to come the rest of the day!!

And now a few more of our 2 little rascals!

"I'll give you your paci, Beckett."

Big Foot and the One Eyed look....hilarious!!!

Lookin' SO big and alert!

Paisley enjoying some "tummy time" also.

Beckett obviously wasn't too happy about it. :( We'll get there!


Joanna and David said...

lol. No babies like tummy time ALL the time. :) I love his monkey bootie! So cute!

Jill said...

I love the monkey bum!!

Kiersten's Blog said...

He is getting soo big!!

krousehouse said...

What a cute little monkey butt! So glad he's home!

Wanda said...

Seeing Paisley & Beckett together is worth a million!!!!!