Thursday, July 15, 2010

These People Really Do Love Me!!!!!!

As you all know, today was Flip Day! Rodney and I arrived at the hospital early this morning in anticipation of the big flip and then snuggle time FINALLY! Joy from Neurosurgery came over to give him one last look over and then make the big move into our arms.

There is nothing like holding a newborn baby.
Especially when you have stared and touched only for the past 15 days.

I did give Rodney the opportunity to hold his child...but I wasn't too quick to hand him over!

So sweet and snuggly. He didn't hate being held and wrapped up in our arms. ;)

Bottle time! MUCH easier feeding a baby the right way instead of laying on their belly in a bed. Felt pretty good!

I cannot get this picture to turn for some reason, but here it is anyway! So wide awake and alert!

Getting dressed really wore him out!

Please Mom, no more pictures! HA! Better get used to it buddy.

But, I sure do like being swaddled and cozy in my bed.

Rodney had to go to work for at least half the day, so then the visitors could begin.

Mamaw Jones with Beckett (again the pictures will NOT turn for me today)

Nana snuggling the boy!

Nana and Ol' Mamaw got in on another feeding

We have had a wonderful day so far. I really feel like Beckett was just born today. We have just been coming to the hospital every day, spending countless hours staring at this amazing little boy everyone says is our baby. Today when he was placed in our arms, he became OURS. He probably has been wondering who all of us were. Why we kept coming every day to see him and wouldn't ever hold him. Poor, little, neglected child! ;) He looks completely different now that we can see the whole baby.
I'll have to admit...he is pretty gorgeous!!!!

We'll have a few tests done maybe not until Monday, get the all clear, and then be ready to head home early next week. So READY!


krousehouse said...

That is an awesome, wonderful, incredible feeling. Congratulations on holding your son in your arms, the first of many days you will enjoy doing so!

Joanna and David said...

Oh my goodness how sweet is this post! I love it and remember it so well - I can't believe he is 15 days old already! I'm out of town so I've been away from my computer (and my daily internet access) so I feel like I"m having to play catch-up now! He's just precious you guys - thanks for the updates!

Lisa O said...

He is totally awesome. So glad that he is doing so well. You know maybe you will have to celebrate his birthday twice. Once on the actual date and then again on today's date. I am so happy for your family:)

Jill said...

Oh, YAY!! OMG, I can feel the joy coming through your pictures. I can't believe you shared him! ;)

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Holding Ciaran for the first time. Oh, so sweet! Congratulations!