Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paisley's Thoughts

Paisley and Rodney just looked through all 570 pictures on my phone. She was very interested and could pick out all the Christmas pictures from the past, as well as telling Rodney where we were in almost every single picture. The girl doesn't forget a thing, I tell ya! They were talking about fall and winter and how much we love those seasons... pumpkins, leaves, trick-or-treating, Christmas, presents, Paisley's 3rd birthday, and so on.

Paisley's thoughts...
"In the winter I wear a coat and hat because it be cold, brrr!"
"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Paisley! I get presents!"
"Ooooo the house be so pretty at Christmas."
"Me not eat pumpkins, that be silly!"

Love the innocence of a 2 1/2 year old!!!! 
Life is so simple to her!

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Kiersten's Blog said...

Ha ha!! That is two funny! I know when Caden says some of that stuff it cracks me up! He is her age too!