Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Days Earlier!

If you didn't already read on Facebook last night...yet another new baby Beckett arrival date has been set for 
June 30 at 12 noon!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Dr. Chariker (plastic surgeon) will be out of town on July 2, and he will most definitely need to be present for Beckett's surgery. His closure surgery has actually already been scheduled for the following morning, July 1 at 8:30 am. Please mark your calendars, set your phone alarm, or write it on a sticky note...we need as many prayers as possible during that surgery time!

Dr. Moriarty was completely fine with this date change as it will give him 2 more days to monitor Beckett (woo hoo!) before he leaves for vacation as well. We LOVE this too; we want Dr. Moriarty to be watching our little guy very carefully each day.

On a VERY positive and miraculous note, it appears that the fluid, in the ventricles of Beckett's brain, has decreased some since last week. As soon as she started scanning me today I could tell (I have watched the size of those ventricles very closely every ultrasound...and there have been 8 of them). As I have said in my updates after each doctor's visit lately, Dr. P has not been concerned so much with the size of the ventricles, but the good amount of brain tissue he sees surrounding these ventricles. Today, he was EXCITED and immediately said oh my, the fluid has decreased. Yes sir, you are correct!!!!! Prayers are working. That bit of hope and "improvement" was just what we needed to hear as I was worrying about the date change and trying to mentally schedule people to have Paisley for those 2 extra days. STOP. Paisley will be taken care of and I will have everyone scheduled with no problems. LISTEN. A prayer was just answered (hopefully more than one person's prayer). 
Praise God!!!!

After the appointment was over and we found a waiting room at Norton's to make some phone calls and come back to reality a bit, we had to turn in our paperwork (which now has a "super rush" on it) for cord blood banking. My mom and dad did this for Paisley and again are doing it for Beckett. My mom called it LIFE insurance yesterday. Not just a policy with money, but truly could save one of their lives. I am so thankful for this opportunity for my children, yet hope it is never needed and just gets to chill in those freezers for many, many years.

We then went on our own little tour of the NICU area at Kosair and found the area where we think my room will be after delivery. Just to kind of get our bearings again and feel a little more comfortable with the area in between the two places that my family (and me the second they give me permission) will be traveling between numerous times. I think mom and I both felt better once we finally made it back out to the parking garage with no problems and found our way around just fine.
Now that we are less than ONE WEEK from baby day, I am starting to get very anxious. Who knows how many times I woke up last night!! I just am so ready to meet him, get this show on the road, and get our baby boy home. I know our time in the hospital will fly by, as we will be so busy running back and forth, having Paisley in the right places, and hopefully getting a little rest for the post-op Momma. 
I am just READY!!!!!


Joanna and David said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such exciting and amazing news! You are gonna have your sweet little boy even sooner! :) Praise God for a wonderful update! :)

Whitney said...

so glad all the prayers are working. we will definately be thinking of your family and new baby beckett on June 30!!!

Vesti said...

I can't wait to see pictures! We continue to pray!!