Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Mommy

These days baby dolls are the greatest thing and are occupying the majority of Paisley's time. 

Wait a minute...whose bottle is that????

The babies HAD to take a nap in baby bruver's room. Of course they had to have paci, Emmy, Lllll, and Bloom, and YaYa to take a nap, just like she does. 

This is for sure her new favorite picture. She wants to see the picture with all her "fwends!"

Big stuff sitting in baby bruver's bed! She is also trying really hard to keep her eyes open and not "cheese" so much for this picture. What a stinker!

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Joanna and David said...

HI! Wow, I've been so busy lately I don't think I've checked in on you guys so I was Just was catching up on your blog and love your recent posts! Wow - that is so great about his wiggly toes! :) I LOVED getting to see Jet so often as well and was always amazed at God's blessings at each appointment. I loved every movement and tried not to worry about wether or not he'd be doing that after the surgery - I just wanted to cherish it in that moment. Every bit of good news (after the earth-shaking news that something is "wrong" with your baby") means so much - Jet brought so much perspective and joy to our lives that we take nothing for granted and I'm SO thankful for that gift. Your little girl is precious (Love the "cheesy" smiles.) and I can't wait to meet your precious little boy! July is just around the corner! So excited for you! I see you're friends with the Krouse family so I know seeing little Charlie pics must have you SO anxious to have your own little guy out! :) It won't be long though!!! Yay!