Sunday, June 20, 2010

Neurosurgeon Update

It seems likely, after talking with one of Dr. Moriarty's staff, that he will plan to do Beckett's closure surgery on Friday afternoon as long as he is stable and no concerns are present. I am thankful for this, as I will probably still be pretty out of it and sleepy after just having the c-section around 8am. Dr. Moriarty will be gone on vacation from July 8-19. He requested that the c-section date be moved up to July 2nd, so that he could monitor Beckett's surgery site and hydrocephalus for those first few days before he leaves. However, because Dr. Moriarty plans to use a temporary shunt, which will be inserted in conjunction with the closure surgery, and then likes to monitor the fluid for several days before a decision is made on a permanent shunt, it will be likely that Dr. Moriarty will not be the surgeon to insert it. This makes me a little more than nervous, as of course we want the best. I have been assured by both his office staff and Kim, our connection at Kosair NICU Nurse Practitioner, that Dr. Stevenson, who will be covering for Dr. Moriarty, is just as wonderful. I HOPE SO!!!!

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