Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Very Blessed Are We!

I wrote this letter over the last couple of weeks. Our preacher read it for us at church this morning. Such a wonderful feeling to be at church as our little family. 

I've been thinking since Beckett was born, and especially in the days since we brought him home, how I can say thank you for prayers. How do you thank so many people for praying for your family? I know people don't pray to get a "thanks," but I KNOW without a doubt, we would not have the precious little baby we have today, if it were not for a healing power greater than any of us care to try to explain. Beckett should have many problems with a diagnosis of Spina Bifida that he simply does not. In the moments, days, weeks, and months since we found out that Beckett would have SB there were many times that I, Rodney, and our families questioned "why us?" Some told us because we can "handle it." Sure we can handle caring for a child with special needs, but that doesn't mean we want to. Now that our Beckett is home with us, settling into some sort of a routine, learning about his silly sister Paisley, and enjoying just being a newborn, I wonder why we took Paisley's "perfectness" for granted. Honestly I don't think I ever felt thankful for the fact that Paisley wasn't born with a defect or issues of some sort. That just isn't something you think about when you are pregnant until it happens. And then it happens. And then you just deal with what you have in front of you. So many people have emailed, commented, or told me in person how strong I am. Choice in the matter???? I think not! Did I voice my raw emotions more than most, yes, but only because writing was my therapy throughout my pregnancy. It helped me to focus on the events and results that were really important. Had I not kept everyone so informed and up to date, I do not know if we would have had the same outcome with Beckett's health. Allowing so many people a glimpse (some a good long stare ;) into our lives, has made everyone feel like they too were on this journey with us. I knew that I wanted to be the one to inform people. I didn't want people to get information, especially incorrect, from someone other than us. We learned so much in such a short amount of time that it had to be documented in some way...why not for everyone to read!

I could go on and on about how thankful we are, however, just take a look at anything I have written in the past and I think you will see. As we spent the evening last Saturday with my family (Beckett's first trip to Nana and Pop's) and I watched my mom tear up as she was feeding and snuggling with Beckett, I realized that some miracles are just meant to be no matter what the cost. So we had a rough few months, but look at where we are today! An overjoyed Mommy and Daddy, a beautiful and proud big sister, and a handsome, perfect-in-our-eyes baby brother. Lovin' this life God decided to be ours.

Rodney, Meghan, Paisley, and Beckett 

Church for us is a comfort and a place where many important events have occurred.

My grandparents attended regularly.
My parents met and attended youth functions.
My parents were married.
I was baptized.
Jordan was baptized.
We grew up!
Rodney and I attended many youth functions and mission trips.
Rodney and I were married.
Paisley was baptized.
Beckett's first trip today.
Many memories and events to come!

Here's a few pictures of our kiddos in the cutesy coordinating outfits...


Lisa O said...

Love the pictures!! He has grown so much and you can tell that Paisley adores him. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Kiersten's Blog said...

Love the pictures!! The ones of Paisley making the silling faces are funny!!