Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Months Later...

Beckett is growing, growing, growing!

Paisley keeps telling him he will love Scout, and he kind of did today.

These days he is really starting to smile...which makes everyone around him SMILE!

Paisley wanted to sneak in on a picture. I think they are really looking a lot alike as Beckett is getting bigger. No, Paisley isn't wearing any clothes either, she had just stripped her nightgown off!

And then we got him dressed for the day in a super-cute polo.

And a photo shoot wouldn't be complete without a little whining

So Paisley got him his paci. Such a good big sister!

A video of his kicking legs and excited sounds. I was trying really hard to get him to smile, but it just wasn't happening at that moment, hence all of the goofy noises and high-pitched voice from me! I also didn't realize I couldn't rotate the video, darn!

So, I don't have updates medically at this point really. Friday was Beckett's first physical therapy appointment. This went very well! He was very alert and cooperative with Ellen, which made her job much easier. The only thing we are working on at this point is making sure he is looking equally in both directions. Because of the 14 days spent on his belly looking to the left, he prefers that side. This is, however, improving as we work to position him differently when sleeping and working with him during play time to look both directions. We are going to continue PT once a week for one hour. Once I return to work the end of September, Beckett will get therapy at the baby-sitters house. I am so thankful for the flexibility on both parts.

We go on Wednesday for a head CT and then to the neurosurgeon for a checkup. I am just ready for this appt. to be over with, so we will have some peace of mind.

On Friday, we will head to Dr. Nassim for Beckett's 2 month well check appointment. 

A big week of appointments for us! So thankful that this seems like a lot of things going on, when I am very aware with our diagnosis this is VERY minimal!

Updates on the appointments later in the week.


Nana said...

Happy 2 month birthday, Beckett!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing that beautiful smile and those little legs kick and kick! God has certainly blessed our family with a precious little miracle and we are so thankful! I love you and your amazing big sister!!

Stephanie said...

You have such sweet kids! The pics of Beckett smiling made me smile, too. Beckett is doing awesome-he has such a great support system. You guys rock!

Amanda said...

I love the smiling pics!
Glad the PT has started and going well. Nick has a favorite side too, his shunt side (or R side). It's amazing how they respond to PT.
And Paisley reminds me so much of my Katheryn - so LOVING and helpful!

Jill said...

Look at that kicking!! WTG Beckett! Can't believe he's already 2 months old. Love the paisleys' too!

Cassie said...

Just found your blog! You have some super cute kiddos, what a blessing.