Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mmmm...The Smell of New Play-Doh

When you are 2, there are not many things that are better than new play-doh (even when the reason for getting it is because you mixed all the colors AND left it out too long and a lot of it dried up AND there were all kinds of little dried up pieces all in the containers because you didn't listen to mommy when she told you to throw those away BUT its a really good thing mommy and daddy love you so much and just decided to start over)!!!!

The toys that go with it are so bright and colorful!

I just pretending!

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The Utz Family said...

Paisley is so lucky to get to play with play-doh! Jeremy has to play it with Hannah. It drives me crazy to get the colors mixed together! Lol! So I may be a little OCD! :)