Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few Scars

I have been amazed lately how great all of Beckett's surgery sites are looking. He has six incisions, and they all look wonderful. I haven't posted pictures of what the defect looked like before surgery, but feel the need to do that today. I feel I have been hiding this picture because, quite honestly it has hard to look at. However, before Beckett was born as I searched and searched blogs of other little ones with SB, I desperately wanted to know what we would be facing. I hope these pictures help others know a little of what they may expect.

Here IT is before surgery

And after as it healed for the next several days

Healing very nicely!

Beckett also had a temporary shunt (EVD) to drain CSF outside the body so they could monitor the amount and use that to make a decision about the necessity of the permanent shunt. 
Here are the 2 incisions from that.
Also healing very nicely

And then the shunt and the 2 head incisions and one belly

And now no scab and looking great!

We are so thankful for how well Beckett is doing. We go Sept. 1 for a head CT scan and visit with the neurosurgeon. I feel a little apprehensive for this appointment as I hope to get the reassurance from the medical standpoint that he is doing as wonderful as we see each day. A little prayer for continued good news and expectations would be appreciated. 

Here are some pictures from a little photo shoot Beckett and I had this morning.

We also begin physical therapy tomorrow morning. Our PT, Ellen, will come tomorrow to evaluate and do her first sessions with Beckett. He will receive these services once a week for one hour. We'll see what she thinks about his wild, kicking legs and feet! :)


Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

The incisions are definitely healing nicely! He looks like he is doing great! So handsome! I can't wait to meet him sometime!

Stephanie said...

I think this is really important, too. I was one of those moms who wouldn't even look, let alone take a picture. Perhaps seeing a blog post like this before the fact would have made me face my fears and handle it better. Nathan has a much different scar than most I've seen. The docs (read: plastic surgeons) actually cut into his legs to keep the tension from his lesion. It's interesting to see the different ways the closure surgery has been addressed. Beckett is doing great! Keep the updates coming! :)

Vesti said...

I need to post pictures of Davis' incisions too! Such a good idea! You're right, pictures are hard to find. I searched all of the internet and couldn't really find anything either. Beckett is doing sooooo well!! I love all the updates! I can't wait to hear what the PT thinks of those feet/legs! I know she will be just as amazed as ours is! We continue to pray!

Jill said...

I was so insistent that we get pictures of Kingsley's back before surgery. My husband wanted no part of it, but I'm so glad we got them. I want to see where he started and want to show him someday. Nothing at all to hide - it is who he is.