Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paisley Does the Dentist

Paisley and I had a great day together yesterday.
We took Beckett to the sitter as normal and then got ready for the big appointment...first time to the dentist!

So excited that I let her wear her jammies and whatever shoes she wanted (Dorothy ones of course) to drop Beckett off. Silly.

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

She sat so still and let them clean, count, and floss her teeth. No complaints, just quiet. Honestly, it was kinda nice for a change. ;) I was very impressed with whoever this big girl was with me!

Very proud of her sparkly white teeth!

Modeling with the Old Navy models. She loves those people.
We met Rodney for lunch which was a nice treat!

Ended the day with ice cream. 
Home for a nap then to get Beckett. Ahhh, great day!