Monday, July 25, 2011

July Weekend

Busy but fun weekend at the Crosier house this weekend!

On Friday Paisley, Beckett and I joined Leslie and Noah, and Mickey and Landon for some bouncy, jumpy, exhausting fun! Very few pictures because we were way to busy chasing and containing! We even ventured to McDonald's for lunch. Must do it again soon or maybe without kids sometime soon too!

Landon and Noah from the back.

Paisley and Landon

Friday night...Aladdin with Paisley. 

Saturday we went to look at a new vehicle. We absolutely were not planning on buying anything, just looking at our options. Wouldn't ya know...we fell in love! We drove it for the weekend and signed the papers tonight! LOVE our new van!

Sunday was Ol' Mamaw's 70th birthday! We went to the Galt House for brunch after church to celebrate.

Beckett's gigantic plate...full of food when he started eating. Completely empty when he was finished!

Sunday night we went to the Harrison County Fair Parade. Paisley loved it and collected lots of candy. Beckett screamed most of the time thanks to sirens and loud red-neck vehicles. Poor guy. He did like the horses at the very end. :)

Busy, busy, busy...wouldn't have it any other way!


krousehouse said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous Beckett doesn't toss his plate to the ground as soon as he is finished. I have to keep one hand on the plate with Charlie, especially if it's glass.

Our family said...

Great pics, they are so cute!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Busy weekend for sure! Thanks for going with us!!! Must go out again soon!