Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

We started the weekend with our 5 year anniversary on Friday. 
I am so blessed with a wonderful husband and daddy to our children!
Loved spending the weekend together and being a little lazy, which is okay every once in a while.

Downs After Dark at Churchill Downs on Friday evening.

Paisley spent the weekend being a wild child! Her first push-pop sucker and she has decided she wants to be a rock-n-roll star when she grows up. Oh. my. goodness! I put her hair up in twist buns on Sunday, and by Monday.... she looks like a different child! :)

Beckett started with a low-grade temp on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we took him to the doctor to find out he has his first ear infection. First antibiotic and he is almost a year old. Not too bad. He was pretty puny Saturday and Sunday, but was a lot better on Monday. He will have an ear re-check when we go back in for his one year check-up in a couple of weeks.

We love you, Daddy!


Chris and Melissa said...

what a sweet picture of rodney with the kids! i love beckett's big ol' grin!

Jill said...

Aw! Paisley is looking so grown up!!