Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paisley Does Preschool

Paisley's first day of preschool went very well today, thank goodness!

Rodney and I were both able to go to work late today and both got to take her. I am so happy about this! I didn't think it was that big of a deal. But then she just hopped right out and marched in with her little bumble bee backpack bouncing down the sidewalk. We had our little tearful moment after she walked in. Hard stuff being a parent and watching your babies grow up.
<3 that baby girl!

We had a little interview after school today. Here it is...

How did you feel this morning? I felt happy about going to preschool.
Who took you to preschool today? Mommy and Daddy.
What did Mrs. Head say when you were walking in? Welcome to preschool. Everyone is waiting for you.
What did you think of Mrs. Head? She was nice. She helped us play a little fishing game. It was hard and I can’t do it by myself yet. There was another big person there but I don’t know her name. I’ll ask her on Thursday.
Who were the other kids at preschool with you? Lillian, Carson, Rachel, Dawson. What are the other names? Hmmmm. Tell me!
What did you do first? We comed in. We sat on the floor. We stood on a black line. We went to the bathroom...big girls bathroom. There was a boys bathroom too. 
I didn’t need any help in the bathroom. We had to wash our hands.
We played with a little kitchen. Like mine, but not my kitchen.
And then what?
We goed and played. We walked on buckets and played with big bouncy balls with handles. We bounced until we fell. We hit our heads and it hurted really bad but we didn’t cry.
What did you do next?
Lillian had to feel the weather outside. It was sunny and it was daytime. I had a job too. I turned the arrow to the bear that looks like the sun. A boy named Carson had to turn it to the bear that looks like he was in the rain. (??)
We learned about the days. We sang a little song…insert her singing the days of the week song. :)
And then we went to a little drink store and got kool-aid. No one wanted water, everybody just wanted koolaid. We didn’t drive there, just walked.
And then...
Lined up.
We colored a picture, colored in the lines, made our little can (Pringles can for notes back and forth) and even got to put stickers on it.
And then we lined up.
And then we leaved. That’s all I did. Lori picked me up because you were at school and Daddy was at work.
Are you ready to go back on Thursday? Yes I am!

OH my goodness! Sounds like she had a wonderful time!


Ol Mamaw said...

Good job Ms. Paisley!!!!!!I knew you would like school....Ol Mamaw

Joanna said...

Too cute! What a wonderful day. :)

Jaime Mac said...

HAHA, cute post! LOVED the interview! :) Glad she had a good day!

The Harrell Family said...

It does sound like she had a wonderful time! She is so stinkin cute and looks so big! Congrats Paisley!