Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 Month Stats

Beckett's check-up with Dr. Nassim yesterday afternoon was wonderful! 

Weight: 16.3 pounds (68th %)
Height: 25 1/2 inches (60 something %)
Head Circumference: I don't know the measurement but only 9th percentile.

So of course we talked about the head circumference. We have a follow-up MRI and appt. with Dr. Moriarty (neurosurgeon) on December 15. I am anxiously awaiting that appointment. Is the shunt not working properly? He certainly doesn't look like his head is too small, I don't think. Not really sure...we will just have to WAIT AND SEE. Why do those words come up SO often!?!?!?!
Beckett decided that the exam table would be a good place to roll from his back to belly. Silly boy! That was a first!!!!! PT is now twice per month instead of once a week. Our First Steps program is undergoing some changes and our therapist (she only has a few kiddos that she sees) will no longer work for them as of January. Dr. Nassim recommended a therapist that will be working with First Steps and we are already in contact with her. Thankful that is taken care of!

Switching him back to milk-based formula, and hoping the spitting up will ease up once more cereal and baby food is introduced. We shall see!

Three vaccines (2 injections, 1 oral) made for a very sleepy baby last night and still through the day today. Hoping he will be back to normal tomorrow. 

Back the beginning of January for Paisley's 3 year and Beckett's 6 month well child visits.


The Devilwoman said...

How exciting he rolled over for the first time!
I hope all is well with him and the MRI is good!

Jill said...

Go Little B!! Nice job on the rolling! :) I hate the 'wait and see'. It's always WAIT AND SEE!! Makes a mama crazy.