Friday, March 18, 2011

MRI and Dr. Moriarty visit

So last Thursday Beckett had an MRI to make sure the shunt is still working properly after the revision in December. No sedation. :) Quick and painless visit. Trip to visit a favorite NICU nurse. All was great!

We went for a visit on Wednesday with Dr. Moriarty for the MRI results. I'm not gonna lie, I was quite nervous, but had a good feeling. My feeling was right...awesome brain without fluid!!!!!

High five with Daddy!

I am so happy that I have these pictures...

On the left...scan on March 10. On the right...scan on Dec. 16.
If you are new the the MRI world, the white is fluid. As you can see, the revision was needed for sure! Look at how his brain has changed in just a few months also. All those learning wrinkles!!!! Dr. Moriarty couldn't believe my camera wasn't getting good pictures, so he tried it out...ha!

Dr. Moriarty was so excited about the amazing results. We had a great conversation. I feel so unbelievably blessed. We also discovered that Beckett's shunt is programmable. Therefore, the MRI last week "adjusted" his shunt. They reprogrammed it while we were at the office. It took only a few minutes. We are very excited because this could minimize the chances for another revision, depending on the amount of fluid. Below is a picture of the magnetic device used to reprogram it.

SB moms---are your kiddo's shunts programmable or fixed (regular ol' shunt as Dr. Moriarty put it:)?

PRAISE GOD for desired results.


The Kowalski's said...

Yay Beckett! Love the pics of ghat beautiful head! So happy to hear the good news! You are in good hands!

The McAfee's said...

YIPPEE!! So happy to hear it!!!

krousehouse said...

That is awesome news. I know (as you know) how nerve wracking those appointments can be! Charlie has an ol' fashioned shunt. His neuro prefers those unless there becomes a need for the other.

Selina said...

YAY for great reports!! The MRI image is awesome. Maddie also has a programmable shunt. and watching them re-adjust it after her MRI was the coolest thing ever.

Leigh and Andy said...

YAY!!! Glad to hear about the great appointment! Grey's is also programmable. :)

Colleen said...

Yay! Awesome news, and neat pictures! I giggled at Dr. M making sure you get a good picture of his work. :) Nice guy.

Rich said...

That is the first I have heard of a programable shunt. With the exception of one revision when Anna ws two weeks old, we have been fortunate the shunt has performed correctly.

Glad to see the shunt revision is working!

(Anna's Dad)

Cecilna Grobler, South Africa said...

Our son (14yrs of age) also has a programable shunt just like your son. It makes a world of difference for him because there is so many factors that can make the presures in the brain change. I hope your son is doing fine and that he grow to be a lovely child like mine!