Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Appt. with Dr. Dunn

Yesterday I saw Dr. Dunn for my normal 24 week appointment. She was able to give me a copy of Dr. P's reports, which I am very thankful to have. It is a good feeling to know everything possible, no secrets. Dr. Dunn went over the report with mom and I, and answered whatever questions we had for her. I have lost 1 pound since I was there 3 weeks ago, which leaves me at +2 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. It is amazing since my belly is growing at an alarming rate!!! The little stinker was moving all over the place and was making it difficult to find his heartbeat. Dr. Dunn did a quick ultrasound just to be sure the heart was working well, and of course it was! I also passed my glucose test...thank goodness!! I don't know if I could have made it without sweet tea or chocolate (I would have, I just wouldn't have been happy about it)!
After the appointment we went shopping, it is Spring Break after all. Cindy at Dr. Dunn's office told us about a children's clothing/toy store we needed to visit, JB and Me off Brownsboro Road. It is amazing!! We found Paisley's Easter dress and I think Nana and Ol' Mamaw did a little Easter basket shopping also. We will most definitely be returning to that store in the future! All in all a great day!
I am trying to finish up the list of questions for Dr. Moriarty as that appointment is Wednesday. Rodney and I have asked mom to go with us just to have an extra set of ears hearing all the important information he will be giving us. I am very anxious to get more information and to meet the doctor that will be operating on our newborn baby boy. PRAY for continued good news from Dr. Moriarty!

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The Harrell Family said...

I hope your appointment went well! Praying for good news!