Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Official start of the BLOG

Welcome to our new blog site! The below posts are emails that I have sent to our family and friends regarding our son's diagnosis of meningocoele spina bifida and hydrocephalus when I was 22 weeks pregnant. I was sent to Dr. Pietrantoni (perinatologist) after my regular OB's office was unable to "get all the correct measurements" they needed. I am very thankful to be under the best care possible during the remainder of my now "high risk" pregnancy. I see Dr. Dunn next week on Monday the 22nd. I will continue seeing her for regular OB care, but will see Dr. P on a regular basis for "baby care." Next Wednesday, March 24th, Rodney and I will be seeing Dr. Moriarty (pediatric neurosurgeon) to discuss the surgeries our son may have in his first few days of life. We will be learning a lot of new information at this appointment, however I fully anticipate it to be extremely overwhelming. Will update as I know more. KEEP PRAYING!


The Harrell Family said...

Sending lots of prayers your way!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

So glad you started this blog! I am anxious to keep up with you all. I will continue to send lots of prayers!!!

Chris and Melissa said...

You and your sweet baby boy have been in our thoughts so much the last couple weeks. We're praying that the good Lord will give you strength, peace, and a cheerful heart through the remainder of your pregnancy. Please keep us updated!