Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Months!

Since I have been back at school this week, how many pictures do you think I have taken of my precious children? 
You guessed it...ZERO!!!!
A 3 month Beckett post is coming, but I've gotta get some cute pictures first...hopefully this weekend. We have nothing planned and I am looking SO forward to it! Nice, cool, fall weekend to do what we want as a family.


krousehouse said...

That is the worst part about going back to real life - less time to do the really important things, like take photos. I'm serious - I have not been able to do it either, and it makes me sad...I want to remember all these moments way more than I want to go to work!

Jill said...

Three months! Has it really been that long? Feels like he was born 3 days ago still. I can't get over how fast these kids grow up.