Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dinner at the Elton's

My cousin Erin and her husband Star invited the family to their house for ribs and brisket on Sunday. YUMMM! Dinner was excellent, and the company was even better!
Following dinner...a little music.

and naps for Beckett and Pop

a few snacks for Paisley and Ethan

and time to head outside...shoes first! Thanks "Ernin!"

A trip to feed the fish and ducks

Oh Ethan, you are too cute!

Holding hands with Mommy, nothing like it!

When we returned, Beckett was up and going with Nana and Pop!

We had a wonderful time, Star and Erin! 
Thank you so much for a great afternoon!

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Star and Erin said...

We had a wonderful time too! I'm so glad everyone could get together. I really enjoyed watching Ethan and Paisley play and have fun. They are so cute!